Friday, 12 June 2009

Free Download Friday #14: British Sea Power

British Sea Power are a British (surprise, surprise!) rock band. They have been compared to The Cure and Joy Division but I don't think that's quite right. To me, those bands take themselves a bit too seriously whereas, when I think of British Sea Power the word whimsy comes to my mind - a peculiarly British type of humour that seems to come through their relatively downbeat style.

I first heard of them when someone I know posted the video of No Lucifer on his blog:

This is one of the tracks off their Do You Like Rock Music album and it probably gives a fair impression of the album. (I rated this track as four stars on my iPod and the whole album averages out at four stars.)

The free download that is the focus of this post is a remix of another track from this album that they have made available on their official site. The track is All In It... and although I like the original version better, the remix is pretty good too. They have a few more tracks that you can stream from their music page and at least one other that you can download - Come Wander With Me.

If you like what you hear, most of their currently released stuff can be found on eMusic. (Declaration of interest. If you sign up for eMusic as a result of following this link, I get some extra free downloads but I would highly recommend this site anyway as a great source of cheap, legal, music for download.)

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