Monday, 22 June 2009

Wanted: Online Guitar Tutor

I would like to be able to play the guitar but thus far I have failed to master much beyond the ability to form a few chords. As long as there is a reasonable gap between chord changes, I can just about manage to sound vaguely musical.

I have made a number of half hearted attempts to learn to play. Probably the first time was when I was a teenager but the most recent attempt was connected with a competition win (I won the chance to build my own guitar). In the event, my daughter built it and I inherited her old Squire Stratocaster.

I hoped that combining a geek's love for gadgets with a desire to learn guitar might help, so I looked for online guitar lessons and tutor programmes that might help. Currently, I think my favourite is the Learn to Play feature that is built into Garageband. Brilliant! However I still haven't got very far because I spend too little time practising.

However, this summer (along with DIY projects, family holidays, reading some of the backlog of novels that I've built up, typing up some research stuff, etc...) I thought I'd have a go at ten minutes a day on guitar. Does anyone have any suggestions for (free) geeky guitar tools/sites that will help? All suggestions gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried GigaJam David ?

Its free through GLOW and supposed to be quite good..


David said...

I keep forgetting about the stuff that's available through Glow. I'll let you know once I have time to try it out.