Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Classic Rock Presents Prog - Poll Results

In Prog Rock Favourites I posted my top five Prog albums which I'd sent into Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine. At the time, I wasn't hopeful of my choices getting into the top five but I have been pleasantly surprised at how well all of them have done.

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All five of my choices feature in the top 50, one of my choices is the number one choice and best of all (for me at least) they reprinted my comment about Dream Theater. Brilliant! (Although, I think I need to stop using the word "swagger"!)

I was tempted to give you details of where they all appeared in the list but that hardly seems fair to the magazine. However, I think it is reasonable to give some broad details about the albums/artists I chose.

My first choice was Rush and I was pleased to see four of their albums in the top fifty although disappointingly, none made it into the top twenty. (Their top placed entry was, perhaps not surprisingly, 2112.)

Genesis did well with five albums in total and three in the top ten. Interestingly (at least, interesting to me) the top three are all Gabriel era Genesis. I was surprised but happy to see my choice, Selling England By The Pound, placed above The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. :-)

Next I went for Pink Floyd and they also did well with four albums in the list and three in the top ten. As might have been expected, Dark Side Of The Moon was their highest placed work.

I then moved onto a couple of sprog rock bands and it was good to see newer bands featuring fairly strongly with Dream Theater and Porcupine tree managing two entries each and Dream Theater even scraping into the top twenty.

Other newer prog bands also feature showing that the best of prog is not necessarily in the past (although it is fair to say the old guard dominate the list). As with all lists like this, it is a product of its time. If they did the same exercise next week, they'd get a completely different set of albums. However, I find the top ten difficult to argue with and there are some albums listed that I am now inspired to track down.

Good fun and my name in print. What more could you ask for in a Best Of list? :-)

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