Friday, 14 August 2009

Free Download Friday #22: Black Crowes

I first came across the Black Crowes when a colleague at work gave me a copy of The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. Somehow, he'd managed to get two copies of the CD and though I might like them. He was wrong. I didn't like them... I loved them! [See what I did there. :-) ]

Black Crowes 515
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I loved the music but I like the cover picture of The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion too. If you are not familiar with the cover, have a look at the big picture on Amazon - it's like the drummer is from a different band! I always imagine the conversation at the photo shoot going something like this:

Drummer: Well, nobody told me we were to dress like a hippy band from the Seventies.

Lead singer: Look around you. Everyone else got the memo!

However, this is Free Music Friday and the reason the Black Crowes feature is that they have made a track from from their upcoming album, Before the Frost/Until the Freezeavailable as a free download. Just go to their official site and follow the link to get I Ain't Hiding for free.

Don't be alarmed when you first listen to the track. The Black Crowes are known for playing Blues/Rock with a touch of Southern Boogie, so you might think you've downloaded a dance track by mistake. Stick with it though and I don't think you'll be disappointed. By about a minute in, especially when the vocals start, I was beginning to get it and was more or less sold at about the three minute mark... then the guitar solo started and I was convinced. Or at least, I was convinced enough to play it again... and again... and again... and...

It is definitely a grower, or at least it was for me. What do you think and who or what does it remind you of?

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