Friday, 28 August 2009

Free Download Friday #24: Hot Leg

Love them or loath them, it can't be denied that The Darkness made an impact! Me? I really liked them. They were like a breath of fresh air in the British Music charts and it remains a great injustice that they didn't get the Christmas Number 1 in 2003.

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Perhaps they got too much too soon and they imploded spectacularly after only two albums. However, out of the ashes came both the Stone Gods and Hot Leg so I suppose it's an ill wind...

As yet, I've not found any free downloads for the Stone Gods but Hot Leg have three tracks available for download - see Hot Leg at Music Glue. The three tracks are:
  1. Heroes
  2. Trojan Guitar
  3. Take Take Take
My favourite is Trojan Guitar which is very much in the mould of The Darkness with fun lyrics, flashy guitars and falsetto vocals.

Let me know what you think of the mighty Leg.

P.S. The Music Glue site looks interesting. They seem to provide download and other web services for a variety of bands. There are loads of bands there - most of whom I've never heard of. They only other bands that I've discovered so far (that I've heard of!) are Marillion and Enter Shikari. Please let me know if you find anyone else on Music Glue that are worth checking out?


Mosher said...

On the subject of free downloads and unsigned acts (which you mention in a later post), check out Predominantly rock/metal acts and some very good ones indeed on there.

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