Friday, 25 February 2011

Free Music Friday #90: Just Another Rider

If I am asked about the kind of music I like, I normally describe myself as a Rock fan who is discovering the Blues. So, I surprised myself the other day when I named a Blues guitarist as my favourite (see Who is your favourite guitarist?).

Given my current appreciation of the Blues, it seemed appropriate to feature a Blues/Rock veteran in a Free Download Friday. Gregg Allman has recently released Low Country Blues and it is a belter! It is mostly covers with one original song that he co-wrote with Warren Haynes and to whet your appetite, they are giving it away as a free download:

Gregg Allman - Just Another Rider by MMMusic

While you are waiting for it to download, you can watch Gregg perform it in the studio:

His voice is brilliant and there's a real soulful quality to the track. I'd say it's one of my favourites on Low Country Blues but the there's not a duff track on the whole album!

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