Saturday, 5 February 2011

Free Music Friday #87: Let Joy Be Unconfined

Much has been made of the fact that Robert Plant has chosen to call his latest venture Band of Joy - the name of the band that he was in with John Bonham before they both joined Led Zeppelin. It is suggested that he is snubbing the idea of a Led Zeppelin re-union by re-claiming the name of his pre-Zeppelin band. Hmm! Not convinced.

Whatever the reasons for his choice of name, his latest release has been receiving a lot of positive critical comment and, if this free track from the album is anything to go by, the praise is much deserved:

At one level, the track on offer - Central Two-O-Nine, is an old style Blues number with uncertain origin (where uncertain=much discussed). So clear return to roots then? Arguably a return to Led Zepplin's roots. There is, however, a banjo working way in the track along with the acoustic guitar giving the track a bit of a country feel that hints at Mr Plant's more recently expressed interest in wider aspects of Americana.

I like this track. I like it a lot. I wasn't really tempted to buy the album he did with Alison Krauss, but I think I'll give this one a go.

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