Tuesday, 11 May 2010

AC/DC Competition

I wrote about Justin Sandercoe's awesome AC/DC contest a few weeks ago (see Guitar Lessons: A New Challenge). I had a great time trying to learn AC/DC's Shoot To Thrill and, although I could barely play the opening two riffs, I decided to post a video anyway:

I will keep plugging away and hopefully post a complete version at some point in the future.

At the closing date there were 186 entries for this awesome competition. I haven't looked at them all (yet) and I don't envy Justin and the other judges' job: the standard is exceptionally high and choosing the winners will be extraordinarily difficult.

Before I tell you my favourites, I think it's worth noting how few women have entered - I've seen two so far. Also interesting is the number that appear to have been recorded in bedrooms - presumably family rooms are not ready for novice renditions of Rock classics! However, what's amazing is the number of very young guitarists that have recorded astoundingly good versions. (Although it's fair to say there are a reasonable number of fat old baldy blokes like me too!)

There are four prizes on offer. The main prize of a customised Iron Man themed Gibson SG is for the Best Performance. Choosing the best will be very difficult but my favourite so far is probably MyTwangyGuitar's version. His solos are especially impressive but I think it's a shame you only see the guitar. For that reason, I might be tempted to go for someone like FrankSenese who seems to be playing all four parts himself.

The Most Entertaining category might be easier as I have yet to see anything that comes close to billbailey88's mini soap opera:

I don't understand why more people are not watching and commenting on this video. For a runner up, I'd go for a real underdog: clickthelink92. They are clearly having a blast in this video - great fun!

The next category is Best Dressed. Many people have worked hard on the Angus Young look but I think I'd go for stouder18 for the sheer energy he puts into the performance.

Finally, Most In Need Of Encouragement. I hope this goes to one of the really young guitarists (assuming the rules allow them to enter). For example guitarman98100 who has only been playing ten months and yet he puts my efforts to shame.

So what do you think of the entries? Who do you rate and who would you have in the top spots?


David said...

My video has a comment from none other than Justin Sandercoe:

"good effort dude :) good luck on the journey!"

Very pleased by this!

David said...

I had a suggestion via YouTube for two more entertaining videos:

angusrules2232: I love the bit where his mates all get AC/DC t-shirts in a Bewitched style freeze and ping! Would loved to have seen a CĂ©line Dion t-shirt appear on the teacher. :-)

LordClueless: So how do you create an amazingly entertaining video while still providing and authentic all-my-own-work one take video? Easy! The split screen idea is genius!