Tuesday, 25 May 2010

More Rush News

I recently wrote about some of the things that Rush fans have to look forward to this year (see A Good Year For Rush Fans). Details are now out on when and where the Rush documentary, Beyond The Lighted Stage, will be shown: see the cinemas link.

When it was first posted, the only Scottish cinema appeared to be Kilmarnock but more cinemas have now been added including Glasgow: huzzah!

And I spotted more Rush news on the Classic Rock site: Rush Announce Digital Single. Looks like this will be the first hint of what to expect from the new album.


Jeff said...

The new album now has a title as well - Clockwork Angels. I like it - it's different.

I'm hoping that the single will see a physical release as well, though. I'm a dinosaur who has never purchased a single MP3, and I don't intend to start anytime soon. However, if this is the way they are going, I'll certainly buy them to support the band. I just wish they could at least release them in FLAC as well - I could at least feel good about buying lossless files. ;)

David said...

I must admit that I also prefer to have a physical CD. The packaging, the sleeve notes and most important, you can lend it to other people to see if they like it too.

However, I am impressed with eMusic's value for money, so my Mp3 collection has expanded recently!

Jeff said...

Heh, well I managed to download both tracks - legally - without paying a cent for them. I accumulated enough points on my HMV card for a few digital downloads, so the first thing I did was check if the songs were available from their online store. They were, so I now have them sitting on my hard drive, just waiting to be listened to. I've actually been listening to all of Rush's albums (both studio and live) in chronological order for the last few days, so this will be a great way to cap off this little marathon. I'm on Hold Your Fire right now, which is not too bad, but that means that the onslaught of double- and triple-CD live albums beginning with Different Stages still lies ahead.