Monday, 30 November 2009

Miss The Occupier: Free Download

I have talked about Miss The Occupier before and once again I should declare an interest: the lead singer/bass player is a friend of my wife.

I really like this band. One reviewer said that Roz, the lead singer, "...has a voice somewhere between Clare Grogan from Altered Images and Justine Frischmann from Elastica". (Sorry... I've lost the source of the quote!) I can see what he means but it doesn't really acknowledge the unique nature of her powerful and passionate vocals. ...And she's a jolly good bass player to boot!

I follow them on Twitter (@Misstheoccupier) but somehow missed this Tweet posted nearly three weeks ago:
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things available to download here NOW for a limited time:
Given that there was limited time three weeks ago, I thought I'd better post it here as soon as possible.

They are not quite the out and out noisy guitar rock that is my usual taste, but they have an energy and an attitude that appeals. This track is my favourite out of all the stuff I've heard from them so far. Roz's vocals sound great in it and the guitars start off strong and get better as the track develops. (And do I detect a hint of strings in there too? Possibly the most ambitious production they've put out so far.)

The video is not as good as a the song but can be viewed on YouTube and it may be available longer than the download.


Miss The Occupier: The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

P.S. Special no-prize available for spotting the literary reference. :-)


Jim said...

I probably wasn't the first, but I did use the Elastica/Altered Images bit myself, though that was for Peter Parker rather than Miss The Occupier!

David said...

Hello Jim

Perhaps that's why I couldn't find it! It was a phrase I copied sometime ago intending to refer to it in a review but it was so long ago I forgot where it came from... and clearly forgot which band it referred to as well. :-)

Thanks for leaving a comment. Your Aye Tunes blog looks interesting. Especially enjoying the advent calendar of Christmas tunes at the moment.

Jim said...

Thanks for stopping by my place David :)