Monday, 23 November 2009

Jamming With Tommy Lee

Would you be interested in downloading raw tracks created by Tommy Lee, use these tracks record your own ideas and then upload your contributions for a chance to have your work appear on his album? He calls it the project the Public Record and it sounds like a really interesting idea.

Tommy Lee
Originally uploaded by Drew "Rukes" Ressler
He is releasing every song from the upcoming album in this way. Every week, he posts the “skeleton” of a new track and allows people record their own parts, using any instrument they choose, to accompany material he has released. If you don't have a suitable piece of software to help you mix the tracks and add your own work (such as Garageband) Tommy even provides a link to RiffWorks T4 for you to download... for free.

I am only sorry that I did not discover this project earlier as six of the eleven tracks have already been released (although they are re-opening these tracks for a few days each, for further contributions - but this time with some direction about what they think they still need).

He claims it is the first time that this has been done with a whole album, on such a massive scale, for a recording that is intended for commercial release and. In addition, some of the contributors will be invited to play live with Tommy in Los Angeles when the album is released.

It's difficult to judge whether it is magnificent or mental but I hope he pulls it off.


Fitzgerald said...

David, thanks so much for the link to Joe Banomassa's "Merry Christmas Baby". I got around to posting it and gave you a shout out, thanks again.

David said...

Hello there

Thanks for the comment and for the post on Mr Bonamassa on your site:

Joe Bonamassa at Mascot Records