Sunday, 12 June 2011

Free Music Friday #103: Queensrÿche

I'd heard of the band Queensrÿrche before I heard music from the band Queensrÿrche. For reasons I cannot now explain, I thought of them as a metal band... possibly even as Hair Metal. Then I heard one of their albums and was surprised to hear a melodic and Progressive style of music. (In my defence, they do feature in Wikipedia's Heavy Metal Umlaut entry.)

Queensrÿche by SpoiltCat
Queensrÿche, a photo by SpoiltCat on Flickr.
If you want a flavour of what Queensrÿrche sound like, head for their facebook page, click the Like button on the special Dedicated To Chaos section and (in exchange for giving them access to your email address) you will be able to download Around The World.

The track is 5:12 long and starts with an orchestral style synth but before long, thumping piano chords and interesting drum rhythm kick in and give an indication of how the track will build and develop... and build it does!

I like it. I think it is interesting. What do you think?

{P.S. I know I'm late again but I'm not well. Man flu is a terrible affliction!}

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