Wednesday, 29 April 2009

All over bar the shouting...

The deadline was met... just! Now I just have to wait until 21 May(ish) to hear if it was worth it.

Flat out exhausted
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I hope to get back into this music blog soon but at the moment, I'm fair puggled! Maybe tomorrow. :-)

However, I wanted to say thank-you to Jeff from the Totally Free Musc blog. With minimal direction from me on my musical tastes, and with only a few posts on my newish blog to go on, he produced two excellent Free Download Friday entries with music that I enjoyed downloading. Brilliant!

My only problem is, I fear he has raised the bar too high and I'm worried about what I'm going to do this Friday!

So thanks again to Jeff for keeping things ticking over here. If you haven't already subscribed to Jeff's blog - go and do it now!

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Jeff said...

No problem, David - it's been my pleasure to do this! Let me know if you ever need a hand again.