Friday, 8 July 2011

Free Music Friday #105: I Can't Think Of Any Jokes

Collect a punnett of terrible puns, write a catchy tune, add a chorus, and what do you get? You get this free download from Alfred Williams:

I can't think of any jokes by Blindingham

Sad nerd that I am, I had a go at transcribing the lyrics. I think I got most of it but was completely stumped by the second last joke; anyone want to offer a suggestion?

If you can't help with the missing lyric, perhaps you could suggest lyrics that could have been included but were inexplicably omitted. For example, he could have told the one about the skunk, but frankly it stinks.

{This is a partial cross-post from EdCompBlog, my education blog. If you are interested in seeing a video of this track, the Education blog is displaying it for your edification and enjoyment.}

{P.S. Thanks to the Mitch Benn Podcast for bringing this track to my attention.}

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