Thursday, 14 July 2011

Feedback on Feedback

I get a small but relatively steady number of visitors to this blog. I always intend to do more with it: to write more, to engage more, but poor time management and general disorganisation combine and lead to the infrequent posts and quiet blog you are currently reading.

thumbs up by .nate
thumbs up, a photo by .nate on Flickr.
A wee while ago, however, I noticed that you could add a reactions widget to Blogger blogs. This meant people could respond to a post simply by clicking in a box. I liked the idea. People might not want to take the time to leave a comment but offering a Facebook-style "Like" option seemed like a good idea. I hoped it would lower the participation bar sufficiently to encourage a bit more feedback on the Feedback blog. I always meant to write about this feature, draw it to people's attention but somehow never got around to it. (See opening paragraph!)

Essentially therefore, the reactions feature has remained ignored/overlooked/unused (delete as applicable). Last week, however, there was a flurry of activity in that there were two "Not keen" checks on the I Can't Think Of Any Jokes post. Curses! I like funny songs but I guess they are not to everyone's taste. I can't promise I'll never feature a funny song again but I will wait a good while before I risk it!

In the meantime, if you want to influence what appears here, or what songs feature in Free Music Friday, get clicking those check-boxes. It only takes seconds and I will pay attention... Honest.

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