Saturday, 21 May 2011

Free Music Friday #100: The Union

I've featured the union before (see Free Download Friday #66: Back after a long holiday...) and every time I hear them I decide I want to hear more. The band features Luke Morley from Thunder and Pete Shoulder from Winterville and I believe they are supporting Whitesnake when they tour later this year.

They are currently offering two tracks for download on their website. The first, in exchange for your email address, gives you the chance to download their new single, which is also the title track from their forthcoming album: Siren Song. This is a belter of a track. It starts with a Blues soaked acoustic section for a verse or so before the rest of the band comes crashing in. There is real light in shade in this track with a grumbling bass line, a short but impressive guitar solo, Siren style backing vocals and a kitchen sink for good measure. (Well, I may have lied about the sink part.)

They did a live version at the Rock Radio Birthday bash. Not quite as impressive without the acoustic section at the start but still jolly good I hope you'll agree:

They are also offering an older track, Black Monday, which is more of a straightforward Blues/Rock offering.

You can almost smell the whisky from the saloon bar the track conjures up as you listen!

So what do you think? Do you want to hear more from the Union?

{P.S. The hundredth Free Music Friday download. I'm quite pleased to have kept it going this long!}

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