Saturday, 28 May 2011

Free Music Friday #101: Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records continue to give away some great music. This week, not just one track but ten different tracks for download.

First up, a track from Kids In Glass Houses. Go to their new website, enter a username and email and they will give you a track from their soon to be released album for free. And here's the official teaser:

And if a free track wasn't enough, they are also giving away free Downlad Fesival Sampler album featuring the nine artists from the label that are appearing at the Download Festival this year. For this one, you have to go to the Roadrunner Records facebook page and "like" them. Simples!

Is there a record company that gives away more free stuff than Roadrunner? If there is, I haven't found it. As I've said before, it is mostly down to their generosity that I have discovered many of their artists and bought their albums as a result.

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