Thursday, 30 September 2010

Rush + Guitar Hero = Genius!

When I first heard that the Rush album 2112 was to be featured in a Guitar Hero game, I assumed it would be one track or section off the album along with a load of tracks from other bands. Oh me of little faith! The truth is much more interesting.

They are featuring the whole of 2112 in a game and building a quest around the this seminal piece. For more information, check out this article from The Rolling Stone and watch this video:

Some people get a bit sniffy about Guitar Hero and complain that it would be better if people picked up a real guitar. I think people who complain like this are numpties! It's not supposed to be a tuition program; it's a game! Guitar Hero may not have created a new generation of guitarists but what it has done, is introduce a whole new generation of people to some classic Rock tracks. And, if this 2112 themed game gets more people listening to Rush that can only be a good thing... in my humble opinion.

As a music fan what do you think about Guitar Hero? If you are a guitarist, or a guitar tutor, what do you think of games like this? Good, bad or indifferent?


RM said...

I think this is a brilliant idea. Oh yeah!

Rory the Tory said...

You have just made my day! I have been a critic of Guitar Hero since I am a real guitarist. But now I have to play this!

David said...

Hello RM

I too think this is brilliant. Problem is, it is available for PS3, Wii and XBox 360... and I have none of the above. Bah!

Hello Mr Tory

Now your criticism of Guitar Hero is exactly what I complain about in the post. It's like saying, "I'm a critic of the FIFA football games because I'm a footballer. I mean, what does pressing buttons on a plastic controller teach you about the beautiful game? And, I'm a driver, so let me tell you that the Colin McRae game is no help at all when you are learning to drive. And don't get me started on Tony Hawk!"

Guitar Hero is a game; not a tutorial! But it's a game with an awesome soundtrack.

However, you're a Rush fan, so I forgive you for your numpty-ness!