Monday, 21 September 2009

More Sponsored Music

I have posted before on sponsorship as a way of rewarding the artists while allowing fans to download music for free. To that end, I probably should have noted the Coke Zone promotion over the Summer where Coke were giving away a free iTunes download with every bottle of coke purchased. The downloads were from a very limited subset of iTunes downloads but there was plenty there of interest. Among other things, I managed to download an entire Wolfmother album. :-)

キットカット Kit-Kat
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Unfortunately, with the summer fading already, the Coke summer promotion seems to be over too. However, just as one sponsored free download offer closes, another opens up!

Now it is Kit Kat that is offering free downloads (In the UK and ROI at least). Inside every clearly labelled Kit Kat Perfect Break wrapper is a unique code number that can be entered into the Perfect Break site and turned into a free download. It appears that you are limited to five downloads per account but the downloads are high quality MP3 files with no DRM in sight. :-)

The site claims to have hundreds of thousands of tracks available for download, and although I haven't counted them all, there is certainly a wide range of tracks available, so I have no reason to doubt them! I'm not sure why they have gone for such a low limit of five songs but apart from that quibble, I am impressed with what Kit Kat have made available for free.

First Coke, then Kit Kat. Who's next?

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