Thursday, 7 May 2009

Musical Twitters

It has taken me some time to come to terms with Twitter. It seems such a daft concept ("The messaging system we didn't know we needed until we had it." - Biz Stone), it is full of banalities ("Just had a banana and some chocolate. Everything right with the world again !" - Jonathon Ross) and yet, I find it strangely compelling ("I think I need to think it out again!" - David Muir).

I now (reluctantly) find it an extremely useful educational resource and it is occasionally fun. Recently, I have started to follow some music Twitter users. I thought I'd share some of the people I've started following and see if anyone has any suggestions about other people I should add.

First a few artists and bands:

Joe Bonamassa
: Current tweet is about Eric Clapton and Paul Jones joining him at the Albert Hall gig. How brilliant would it have been to be there?

Chris Cornell
: Not as rock 'n' roll as I'd hoped he might be but what a voice... still following him but he's under review. :-)

Trent Reznor: News, info, fun... I like. :-)

Razorlight: A bit basic. Another one that's under review.

Stereophonics: I am in two minds about the Stereophonics as a band. I have most of their CDs but don't choose to listen to them too often. Odd. However, their Twitter feed has loads of photos and gives a good insight into what they are up to.

The Reasoning: One of a number of sprog prog bands I'm beginning to get into. However, the Twitter feed is a bit too "I had cornflakes for breakfast..." for my taste. Yet another that's under review.

Slash: Slash on American Idol... I can't get my head around that. A bit basic on the Tweet front but I'm sticking with him.

Finally, and more briefly, some magazines, radio shows and music Twitterers I follow: Classic Rock Magazine, Classic Rock Presnts Prog, Rock Radio (good station but Tweets haven't really settled down yet), Talking Metal and Afront (a Spotify blogger).

That's a few of the music related Twitter users I follow. Who have I missed that is worth following?

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