Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Joe Bonamassa On Paul Jones' Radio Show

I try to listen to Paul Jones' show on Radio 2 every Monday. Always worth listening to and often someone or something new to chase up after the show.

However, this week's show is especially worth listening to as the last 15 minutes or so features an interview with Joe Bonamassa, a couple of tracks from his new album and a live song - just Joe and his acoustic - brilliant!

The show is available through the listen again service for the next week but there is also a link on the site to an extended interview with Joe that will hopefully be there a good bit longer. However, I would recommend that you and have a listen as soon as possible because it is well worth listening to. :-)

I am hugely impressed with Joe as a musician and in this interview, he comes across as a genuinely good bloke too. If you haven't already discovered how amazing he is, spend some time on his website - particularly JB TV where you can see and hear him play.

I am very much looking forward to his gig in Glasgow this April. Leave a comment if you already have tickets to see him this tour. If you don't have a ticket, leave a comment explaining yourself. :-)

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