Friday, 20 February 2009

Eric Clapton Drifting Blues 2008 Unplugged Live TV Recording

I got an email from one of the sites that I signed up for while trying to learn to play guitar... The chap sending the email says:'d be surprised how easy it can be to play this way. All it takes is...

1. A little bit of "Blues in E" (lesson 8-1)
2. A little bit of minor blues scale (lesson 15)
3. A little bit of major blues scale (lesson 23)
4. A little bit of secret sauce (lesson 24)
Hmm! This is clearly a definition of "easy" that has thus far escaped me as I fail to learn to play. :-)

However, as Griff says, "it's Clapton... who doesn't have a minute to go watch Clapton do his thing?"

Enjoy... and then check out Blues Guitar Unleashed. Oh, and any suggestions of good online (preferably free) sources of guitar tutorials will be gratefully received.

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