Thursday, 30 April 2015

Review: Uriah Heep - Live At Koko

I have just posted my first non-Rush related review at The Moshville Times: Uriah Heep - Live At Koko.

Wizards%252520%252526%252520Demons%252520by%252520Roger%252520DeanUriah Heep was one of those bands that, as a teenager, I was aware of but somehow never connected with. I even had a poster of one of their covers on my wall but, until relatively recently, I did not own any of their albums. I got the poster because it was by Roger Dean an artist I came across through the work he did with Yes. I saw the poster in Listen in Renfield Street (now there was a record shop!) and bought it because I thought it looked cool. It was only after it was on my wall that I discovered it was album art for Uriah Heep - Wizards & Demons.

(If you are interested, you can buy it to download as a desktop image from Roger's site.)

But back to Live At Koko... You can read the review for full details but the edited highlight is: I like it! Comments and constructive criticism is welcome either here or on the Moshville Times site.

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