Saturday, 16 February 2013

Academic Research

I did consider seeking funding for Rock related research some time ago (see Hazardous headbanging!) but as usual I didn't go any further than the, "Wouldn't it be a good idea..." stage.

But there is clearly research money out there for those who are willing to bid for it. See for example the wonderful Moshers, Heavy Metal and Emergent Behavior report on the MIT Technology Review site.

In the unlikely event that readers of this blog are unfamiliar with the concept of mosh pits, someone has helpfully defined some rules:

I like the way he describes some mosh pits as "Fight Club with a soundtrack!". (The first rule of Fight Club prevents me from explaining this if you don't get it already.) See also How To Survive A Mosh Pit.

So what do you think? What research idea could I pitch that will convince someone to fund me to attend concerts? If you come up with a winning idea, I am willing to give you a co-author credit on the paper!


Mosher said...

I remember writing a similar guide (including stage diving) for the Rock Soc magazine at Bradford University. I therefore consider myself fully qualified to help with the paper as I am already a published authority on the subject!

David said...

Writing the paper is the easy bit. Getting a bid accepted for funding - that's tricky.

Mosher said...

New Scientist have a video to go with the story: