Saturday, 11 February 2012

Free Download Friday #121: More from Mr Bonamassa

I've been sitting on this one for a while but it looks like it may still be active.

Go to Joe Bonamassa's Travellin' South page, give him a "Like" on facebook and then (hopefully) download Travellin' South from his Had To Cry Today album. This is an album from a few years ago (2004 I think) and it probably leans towards the Rock end of the Blues-Rock  for which Mr Bonamassais is so rightly famous. As a track, Travellin' South drives along like a freight train. It starts at a pace that says, "I'm stopping for nobody!" and by the time you get to the solo about halfway in you are kind of hoping it will just keep going. There's sections where the solo is largely percussive but once you've got the groove, Joe goes soaring off and you go South with him. Outstanding! And despite clocking in at 3:51, it feels far too short.

The reason I'm not sure if it is still available is that getting the download is a three stage process. First you go to the Travellin' South Download page. Second, you click a button to register a facebook "Like". Then, a download button becomes active. When I did this a few weeks ago (I already have the album but I did it to check it worked) I got the download no problem. But, when I try it now, I can't click the Like button. I hope this is because I've already clicked it and so can't click a second time. The trouble is, I don't know if the Download button still works. Let me know how you get on.

In case the download button is broken, here's another Joe Bonamassa download that might work for you but (so far) hasn't worked for me. Once again, it is from the Joe Bonamassa website but once again, it gets a bit complicated. From the front page of the website, there is still a link to the free download from Dust Bowl which I shared in Free Music Friday #89: Dust Bowl. However, from an email I got from Mr Bonamassa himself (he sends them to me personally you understand) I got a link to a similar download page but this one is advertising the upcoming release of the Beacon Theatre: Live From New York DVD and the page promises a free download from the DVD in exchange for an email address. Well, I gave them my email address but unless I'm missing something, as yet they haven't sent me a download link.

I'll keep checking my mailbox and I'll tell you if something eventually comes through. Let me know how you get on.

Update:  Used a different link, this one from YouTube, and this time I the download page straight away - didn't have to wait for an emailed link. I've updated the link above, so hopefully, you'll get it too.

Sorry, if neither of these work for you but Joe Bonamassa is so awesome that I decided I couldn't put off sharing any longer.


Mosher said...

Just a suggestion for a future Friday:

As far as I can tell, it's an official page for the band. There are links to all of their songs (just right click, download the mp3) on the front page. Not all of the links work, particularly for the second album which is a shame. However, those that do are well worth the effort.

David said...

Hello Mr Mosh

Not a band I'd heard of but a quick listen suggests it will be worth downloading what's there and giving them a try.

Thanks for the link.

Mosher said...

Welcome. They're a great band. Saw them live *many* years ago, but they never really made it huge. I'm pleasantly surprised to find out that they're still going and even tour Europe once in a while.