Saturday, 17 October 2009

Free Download Friday #31: Alestorm

Anyone for True Scottish Pirate Metal? Now I appreciate that this is not a question you hear everyday, so perhaps some explanation is required...

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Alestorm are a band from Scotland who produce what describes as Folk Metal. However, for reasons that are not entirely clear, they make pirate themed folk metal. Perhaps they were enjoying Talk Like A Pirate Day, when all of a sudden, the wind changed and they were stuck like that.

There are a couple of videos on Naplam Records' pages that will give you a feel for their look and their sound. There is also a three minute sound clip for download on their promo page, but, to get a whole track, in all its awesome silliness, go to where you can download Captain Morgan´s Revenge. Six minutes and forty-two seconds worth of true Scottish pirate metal. Brilliant!

Finally, I can't resist some pirate themed jokes:

Why are they called Alestorm? They just aaarrrrr!

What is Alestorm's favourite shop? Aaarrrgos!

How do they get their gear from one gig to the net? By aaarrrticulaed lorry.

What do they call their fans at a gig? A vast aaarrrmy.

Perhaps not the best pirate jokes in the world, but can you do any better?

P.S. If anyone from Naplam Records reads this, can I say I'm impressed with the amount of audio and video that you have made available on your website. However, the three minute music clips are extremely frustrating. If you don't want to give away a full track, that's fair enough; a short sample of thirty seconds or so will give the flavour of the track. Three minutes though is enough to really get you into the track - enough to make it annoying when it suddenly fades beore the end. I may be a lone voice here, but I would rather have a very short sample than a frustratingly truncated three minutes worth. Actually, I'd rather have a whole track for download... but I'm taking that as read. :-)

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