Saturday, 20 November 2010

Free Download Friday #79: Middle Class Rut

In general, I ty to feature artists here that I have some knowledge of and some previous listening history. This week, all I know about the band is what's in Wikipedia and all I've heard is the two free downloads I'm linking to here.

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The band is called Middle Class Rut and like The Black Keys there are only two of them in the band but despite this they manage to produce an incredible racket! Their sound is out and out rock. And raw, visceral rock at that!

One track can be downloaded from the Bright Antenna site and is called Thought I Was. In exchange for your email, you get to download four minutes and thirty-eight seconds worth of full on rock... well full on apart from the quirky bit at the end. Currently, their record company is giving away this free track in exchange for your email.

This next track was featured in an NME Daily Download post last year. It is called 25 Years and is four minutes of screaming vocals, noisy guitars and pounding drums. What's not to like?

As I said, this is a band that I know next to nothing about but on the strength of these two tracks, it is a band that I will actively pursue from now on.

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