Saturday, 17 April 2010

Free Download Friday #54: Two old hands

Two downloads from people who are already known from their membership in other bands.

First up is an offering from Vince Neil, the vocalist with Mötley Crüe. He has a new solo album out, Tattoos & Tequila, which is mostly covers of hits that have "...inspired Vince throughout the years". However, there are two new tracks and he has released one of those, the title track, as a free download through his website. In fact, you get not only the song but the promo video too. As with the Slash track I linked to last week, you can also embed a widget to let people download it from your site:

I like the sound of this track. It's got the growly guitar sound I like, Vince's voice sounds good and it has a catchy chorus. Also, in the video, the drummer looks like he's having fun. My only problem is with the lyrics which don't seem to stray far from the clichéd sexist rock lyric mode. Perhaps it's an occupational hazard of having been in the Crüe that you get stuck in the eighties.

Second free download is from The Union, a band that features Luke Morley from Thunder and Pete Shoulder from Winterville. On the band's website, you can download Step Up To The Plate from a widget on the front page. (It looks like the same widget as used by Slash and Vince but you don't seem to be able to embed this one.) Step Up To The Plate is a great, Blues tinged rock track and Pete's vocals are excellent. They played a gig in Glasgow last week and on the strength of the tracks available in their website, I'm miffed that I didn't make the effort to go and see them.

So what do you think? Artists that have passed their sell by, or artists that are going on to bigger and better things?


admin said...

See Total Guitar Mag have nicked your Free Download Friday idea? Rather cheeky of them, I thought.


David said...

Hello Jim

To be fair, I stole the idea from Jeff. :-)